Policy – Posting score to GHIN

The board discussed & approved whom will be responsible to track, post & provide backup support of each golf round score to GHIN:

  • Peter Wong is the overall administrator for Golf League Genius, NO score posting
  • Stanley Chin is the PRIMARY score administrator to post score to GHIN.
  • Kelvin Lee is the Wednesday’s golf round administrator, NO score posting. Posted game score will be given to Stanley Chin to post.
  • Felix Moy will be the backup score inputer, NO score posting.
  • Jiming Chen will provide overall backup, NO score posting.


Playing Reservation:

All members must reply to the weekly email invitations regardless whether to play or not. Please be careful to reply to the correct event (Wednesday or Saturday).

Member can reserve their playing spot for Saturday no later than each week’s Wednesday midnight (11:59pm) via Golf Genius software or email to Stanley Chin/Peter Wong.


Reserved spot & No show:

Member reserved the playing spot and does not show up for the tee-time will be fined for $20 + green fee. Member has up to Wednesday midnight (11:59pm) to change participation via Golf Genius software or email to Stanley Chin/Peter Wong.


Late Arrival to Scheduled Time:

Member must arrives 30 minutes prior of SCHEDULED TIME. Upon arrival, member must immediately check-in with the manager-on-duty, (Stanley, Peter W., Felix) and pay for your green fee. Member that arrives beyond 30 minutes will be fined for $20 penalty with 5 minute grace period.


Arrived Late & Missed Tee-time:

Member arrives late and missed the scheduled tee-time will be fined for $40 penalty. No grace period is granted.


Completing the round late:

The foursome completing the round beyond 4 ½ hours and 20 minutes behind the group in front will be fined $20/person. The same penalty apply to the 1st foursome completing the round beyond 4 ½ hours with no traffic ahead.


Post round gatherings:

To promote the comradery and courtesy, member who completed their round must stay until the last group return to the clubhouse. If a member has previous post round commitment, please informs Peter Wong or Stanley Chin before round start. For those who frequently depart early may subject to penalty fines.


Uniform requirement:

Member who forgets to wear AAGA uniform when notified on designated or special occasion will be fined $20 per incident.


Inactive member

The board is enforcing the “Inactive member” policy which was voted and approved on December 5th 2012.


The board discussed in length of “Inactive” members who lacks in participating AAGA’s activities during the past season. The board overwhelmingly approved to remove the “Inactive” members from AAGA. Each AAGA member must participate at least 5 AAGA activities (including but not limited to BOD meetings, golf outings, and events) each season to remain active status.


Match Play – Point system

The board has changed and approved the Match Play Point System to improve AAGA’s golf competitiveness. The new system award player based on the following:


Participating the event:                         1 point

Team won:                                             1 point

Team split:                                            ½ point

Individual match won:                         1 point

Individual match split:                         ½ point


At the end of season, 20 members with the lowest accumulated points will split pay for the dinner. For member that did not play any “Match Play” must also pay for their own share of the dinner.